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[docs] Fixed a syntax issue for using run.js. #621

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@@ -626,11 +626,11 @@ functional or unit tests with one command.
``$ java -jar path/to/selenium-server.jar &``
#. Run the unit tests for the framework and client:
- ``$ ./run.js test -u --group fw,client,server``
+ ``$ ./run.js test -u --path unit --group fw,client,server``
#. You can also run all the functional tests with the below command. The functional tests
may take some time to complete, so you may want to terminate the tests with **Ctl-C**.
- ``$ ./run.js test -f``
+ ``$ ./run.js test -f --path func``
#. To view the test reports (in JSON or XML) in the following directories:
- ``$ ./unit/artifacts/arrowreport/``
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