new `mojito create app` archetype "hybrid" & new custom archetype support #622

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sorry for the messy PR but it essentially contains three changes:

  1. small bug fix for build.js not exiting on error
  2. new archetype for mojito create app hybrid which incorporates hybrid/crt app settings.
  3. reworked create.js
    • new mojito create custom path/to/custom/archtype
    • allow optional user-defined key/value pairs to be passed to custom templates

In anticipation of #2 to require changes and updates, I added #3, which may restore mojito create project xcode functionality (without mojito needing to update the sources).

isao added some commits Oct 9, 2012
@isao isao make web page fetch error non-fatal fc51fac
@isao isao redo hybrid/html5app archtype from scratch
these files are copied from template-app, and I'll edit to
include things from the docs and crt post-processing script
@isao isao app.json
- rename
- add hb template placeholders
- add configs from docs
@isao isao package.json rname, add {{name}}, etc 6569fc9
@isao isao routes rename, add mojit route,, {{name}} 4b0301c
@isao isao rm shell-based template, add hb stuff 7bfeab4
@isao isao rm readme 03052e4
@isao isao update controller, binder, model
- use "top_frame" name/prefix
- rename .hb
@isao isao rename reformat {{name}} + yahoo.mojito.package: public ad47376
@isao isao redo test archetypes again with top_frame, not {{name}} a7dbe1c
@isao isao mv archetype (avoids needing create.js changes)
new: `mojito create app hybrid` command creates a mojito
application and a top_frame HTMLFrameMojit with configs
useful for hybrid Html5App/Cocktails-Runtime development
@isao isao update `mojito create` usage
- add usage text for `create app hybrid`
- remove remnants of non-functional, long-gone `create project`
@isao isao de-lint 7450c36
@isao isao rm optional config that is part of a separate change 7dca5b8
@isao isao rm old external script 24a5c75
@isao isao rm dummy binder test be6f7b2
@isao isao missed one s/_template_/{{name}}/ 0fb86ec
@isao isao fix dots in instance name c5b279f
@isao isao add .application. to mojit package.json name fafbd7f
@isao isao rename mu to hb edd5ed7
@isao isao rm items that specify defaults
add specs.frame.base: top_frame
@isao isao name must be same as mojit/dir
rm mojito dep (using engines here)
@isao isao mojit instance name is frame 139d03e
@isao isao harmonize appName 8f1d367
@isao isao harmonize appName d8d968d
@isao isao rm "shareYUIInstance": true
it is broken on current development branch.
see yahoo/mojito#585
@isao isao add css file, change addCss to a config 9499a75
@isao isao speling 8e2d42d
@isao isao minor
- fix bug where bad name error & usage shown, but create proceeds
- use indexOf instead of for/in loop
@isao isao port is always passed as a var, so use it. 5edb823
@isao isao new: mojito create custom /path/to/your/archetype/templates
new: option --keyval 'key1:val1,key2:val2' pass to template renderer

custom type uses second parameter as a archetype template directory
instead of the ones in lib/app/archetypes/

the --keyval options allow user defined template data to be used, in
addition to the existing "name" and "port".
@isao isao Merge branch 'cli' of into cli
@isao isao minor, comments 71d1abf
@isao isao delint, err msg for custom vs built-in f2176ba
@isao isao missing comma b6486f1
@isao isao put back attachManifest 875ad9e
@isao isao no need replacing _ with _ d3b9f88
@isao isao minor fix d6ab54d
@isao isao fix ignored cleaned name, comments, minor 4230d5f
@isao isao append .hb fb27c81
@isao isao lint fb0b8fd
@isao isao fix hybrid server.js/index.js archetypes
see yahoo/mojito/commit/6a9997535969e

specs changed, will resubmit

@isao isao closed this Oct 17, 2012
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