FIX static-handler middleware for well known files #638

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Appears that static middleware does not quite work for the following: /robots.txt, /crossdomain.xml and /favicon.ico.

This PR addresses this, with unit tests.

@drewfish drewfish commented on an outdated diff Oct 16, 2012
if (!resource && (path === '/crossdomain.xml')) {
- resource = store.getResource('client', {}, 'asset-xml-crossdomain');
+ resource = store.getResources('client', {}, 'asset-xml-crossdomain');
drewfish Oct 16, 2012 Member

Good catch. However, store.getResources() returns a list of resources, so you might need to [0] on it. Also, I think the 'asset-xml-crossdomain' argument might instead need to be {id: 'asset-xml-crossdomain'}. (Said another way: I think I rather bungled the previous version of the code 😞 .)


see also #565 and follow-up #623 which dealt with these special files


Isn't cleaner to store and restore original methods using setUp/tearDown instead of doing the same over and over again in different tests?


Only the newly added tests needed to customized the store instance with "wrappers". The other tests works with the "store" and "_handler" as-is, so these are setup in the setUp/tearDown.


why not A.areEqual? that will give us a better message, telling us the callCount number when failure.


Why are we deleting a member here?


This was fixed in the next commit (7b24220)

caridy commented Oct 17, 2012

Aside from those minor details in the tests +1

caridy commented Oct 17, 2012


@imalberto imalberto merged commit 75fd4a0 into yahoo:develop-perf Oct 17, 2012

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