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fixed bleed between loader and our use of its results #691

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+1 even though this is a requirement from tests. Probably we should clone/copy at the test level and not at the app level, but in any case, this is a one time operation.

@drewfish drewfish merged commit a69f78b into from
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  1. +4 −0 lib/app/addons/rs/yui.js
4 lib/app/addons/rs/yui.js
@@ -540,6 +540,10 @@ YUI.add('addon-rs-yui', function(Y, NAME) {
resolved = loader.resolve(true);
+ // we need to copy, otherwise the datastructures that Y.loader holds
+ // onto get mixed with our changes, and Y.loader gets confused
+ resolved = Y.mojito.util.copy(resolved);
this._processMeta(resolved.jsMods, modules, expanded_modules, conditions);
this._processMeta(resolved.cssMods, modules, expanded_modules, conditions);
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