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[docs] Updated example for reporting errors, the section on file naming conventions for templates, and fixed a typo. #825

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  1. +28 −22 docs/dev_guide/intro/mojito_mvc.rst
50 docs/dev_guide/intro/mojito_mvc.rst
@@ -294,11 +294,10 @@ Example
The example controller below shows you how the components are used. The
-``status`` mojit is registered with ``YUI.add`` and the ``init`` function
-stores the date so it can be used by other functions, and the ``this``
-reference allows the ``index`` function to call ``create_status``. Lastly,
-the ``requires`` array loads the addons ``Intl``, ``Params``, and ``Url``
-that are needed by the controller.
+``status`` mojit is registered with ``YUI.add``, and the ``index`` function
+uses the ``this`` reference to call the function ``create_status``. Lastly, the
+``requires`` array loads the addons ``Intl``, ``Params``, and ``Url``that are
+needed by the controller.
.. code-block:: javascript
@@ -320,7 +319,7 @@ that are needed by the controller.
return user + ': ' + status + ' - ' + time;
- }, '0.0.1', {requires: ['mojito-intl-addon', 'mojito-params-addon', mojito-url-addon']});
+ }, '0.0.1', {requires: ['mojito-intl-addon', 'mojito-params-addon', 'mojito-url-addon']});
.. _mvc-controllers-actions:
@@ -554,23 +553,26 @@ object as a parameter. The ``Error`` object is just the standard JavaScript
code that will be used if the error bubbles to the top of the
page (i.e., not caught by a parent mojit).
-In the code snippet below from ``controller.server.js``, the model is asked
-to get a blog post. The ``try-catch`` clause will catch any errors made calling
-``getPost``, and the ``error`` method will display the error message.
+In the code snippet below from ``controller.server.js``, the ``index``
+method uses the query string parameter ``company`` to fetch company information
+stored in a configuration file. The ``if-else`` clause either sends
+the company information to the ``index`` template or reports
+an error that information for the specified company could not be found.
.. code-block:: javascript
index: function(ac) {
- try {
- var post = ac.models.get('BlogModel').getPost();
- ac.done({ "post": post });
- } catch(e) {
- console.log(e);
- ac.error(e);
+ var company = ac.params.url('company'),
+ company_info = ac.config.get(company);
+ if (company_info) {
+ ac.done({ "company_info": company_info });
+ } else {
+ ac.error("Could not find info for " + company);
+ }, '0.0.1', {requires: ['mojito-params-addon', 'mojito-config-addon']});
.. _mvc-controllers-save_state:
@@ -590,15 +592,19 @@ have substituted values for the template tags.
Naming Convention
-The naming convention of the templates is based on the controller function (action)
-that supplies data, the engine that renders the templates, and the device
-requesting the page. If the calling device is determined not to be a portable
-device such as a cell phone, the ``{device}`` element of the syntax below
-is omitted.
+Template files have the following naming convention:
-**File Naming Convention for Templates:**
+The following list describes the elements of the template file name:
+- ``{controller_function}`` - the controller function (action)
+ that supplies data.
+- ``{selector}`` - an arbitrary string used to select
+ a specific template. For example, you could use the selector
+ ``iphone`` for the iPhone template.
+- ``{rendering_engine}`` - the engine that renders the templates.
For example, if the template is receiving data from the ``index`` function
of the controller and has Handlebars expressions that need to be rendered,
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