@drewfish drewfish released this Oct 15, 2012 · 2985 commits to develop since this release


IMPORTANT - server.js compatibility changes This release requires changes to any application's index.js file and server.js file to properly launch. The templates in mojito/lib/app/archetypes/app/default for index.js and server.js are the appropriate content to use in any existing applications. For new applications these files are automatically used when the mojito create app command is invoked to create a new application.

Please see DEPRECATIONS.md.


  • #565 Added support for /crossdomain.xml and /robots.txt


  • #525 mojito test app|mojit failed for archetype-code…
  • #615 [doc] Added func/unit test instructions.
  • #546 multiple jslint errors in developer-guide
  • #621 [docs] Fixed a syntax issue for using run.js.
  • #624 Add getter to avoid exposing _app for Manhattan use.
  • #625 Move app init so any getHttpServer call returns initialized app instance...
  • #598 The routing configuration documentation covers the 'regex' property.
  • #628 Fix start logic.
  • #602 Rewrote item in the FAQ regarding passing data from the controller to the binder.


Special thanks to @jlecomte for his contributions to this release.