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Gh 0022bp23 #547

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tucu00 commented Mar 2, 2011

This PR i a backport that works on top of 2.3 branch.

For now is just for people would like to use Hive action with Oozie 2.3.0. We have to decide if we'll do a 2.3.1 adding it.

It has 3 commits:

changes POMs dependencies to use CDH3b4 dependencies (as other versions are not avail)

If somebody has an idea of a good way to solve this dependency mess please!!

  • GH-22 commit: the actual Hive action

  • tomcat fix to get tomcat tar.gz from archives as 532 is not integrated in 2.3 branch

tucu00 added some commits Dec 16, 2010
@tucu00 tucu00 Closes GH-0226 Standardize on groupId/artifactId for Hadoop/Pig/Oozie
Using 'org.apache.*' as groupId for Hadoop/Pig artifacts.

For now using CDH versions are there are not Apache/Yahoo versions available.

Assemblies for client and sharelib exclude dependencies of type 'pom'
@tucu00 tucu00 Closes GH-0022 Hive action 5de44af
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