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Table of Contents


System Requirements

If you would be installing the entire stack on a single host, we recommend using a host with at least 8 Cores, 16GB RAM and 50GB Disk Space.


Panoptes has been extensively tested on Redhat Linux, though it should run on any distribution that's compatible with LSB.

The OS should also have the following packages installed:

  • gcc
  • gcc-c++
  • python-dev
  • openssl-devel


Panoptes currently supports Python 2.7 only. You can download the latest stable version of Python 2.7 from here

python-virtualenv should also be installed in order to run panoptes in a contained python environment, as per the examples below.


Before downloading and installing Panoptes, you would need the following services installed and configured


Panoptes has been tested with Redis 3.0.7, which can be downloaded from here


Panoptes has been tested with Zookeeper version 3.4.5 - download it from here


Panoptes has been tested with Kafka version - get it here


Please follow these instructions to download and install InfluxDB


You can get Grafana from here


Install Panoptes by running the following commands:

sudo useradd panoptes
sudo -su panoptes
cd ~
mkdir -p /home/panoptes/conf
mkdir -p /home/panoptes/log
virtualenv -p python2.7 package
source ~/package/bin/activate
pip install --upgrade setuptools
pip install yahoo_panoptes


Panoptes is configured with ini style configuration files

/home/panoptes/conf/panoptes.ini is the main configuration file; and you can find an examples of config files under examples

For a quick start, you can copy all config files under examples to /home/panoptes


After adjusting the config files to your environment, start the following services. Note that these services run in the foreground and should be run under a job control system like supervisord or daemontools for production usage.

If using the example configuration files perform the following commands first before starting each of the services:

mkdir -p /home/panoptes/plugins/discovery
mkdir -p /home/panoptes/plugins/polling
mkdir -p /home/panoptes/plugins/enrichment

mkdir -p /home/panoptes/log/discovery/agent
mkdir -p /home/panoptes/log/polling/scheduler/
mkdir -p /home/panoptes/log/polling/agent/
mkdir -p /home/panoptes/log/resources/
mkdir -p /home/panoptes/log/enrichment/scheduler/
mkdir -p /home/panoptes/log/enrichment/agent/
mkdir -p /home/panoptes/log/consumers/influxdb/

The services should be started in the order list below.

Discovery Plugin Scheduler

mkdir -p /home/panoptes/log/discovery/scheduler
celery beat -A yahoo_panoptes.discovery.discovery_plugin_scheduler -l info -S yahoo_panoptes.framework.celery_manager.PanoptesCeleryPluginScheduler

Discovery Plugin Agent

mkdir -p /home/panoptes/log/discovery/agent
celery worker -A yahoo_panoptes.discovery.discovery_plugin_agent -l info -f /home/panoptes/log/discovery/agent/discovery_plugin_agent_celery_worker.log -Q discovery_plugin_agent -n discovery_plugin_agent.%h

Resource Manager

mkdir -p /home/panoptes/log/resources/
cd ~

Enrichment Plugin Scheduler

mkdir -p /home/panoptes/log/enrichment/scheduler
celery beat -A yahoo_panoptes.enrichment.enrichment_plugin_scheduler -l info -S yahoo_panoptes.framework.celery_manager.PanoptesCeleryPluginScheduler --pidfile

Enrichment Plugin Agent

echo 'SET panoptes:secrets:snmp_community_string:<site> <snmp community string>' | redis-cli
mkdir -p /home/panoptes/log/enrichment/agent
celery worker -A yahoo_panoptes.enrichment.enrichment_plugin_agent -l info -f /home/panoptes/log/enrichment/agent/enrichment_plugin_agent_celery_worker.log -Q enrichment_plugin_agent -n enrichment_plugin_agent.%h

Polling Plugin Scheduler

mkdir -p /home/panoptes/log/polling/scheduler
celery beat -A yahoo_panoptes.polling.polling_plugin_scheduler -l info -S yahoo_panoptes.framework.celery_manager.PanoptesCeleryPluginScheduler --pidfile

Polling Plugin Agent

mkdir -p /home/panoptes/log/polling/agent
celery worker -A yahoo_panoptes.polling.polling_plugin_agent -l info -f /home/panoptes/log/polling/agent/polling_plugin_agent_celery_worker_001.log -Q polling_plugin_agent -n polling_plugin_agent_001.%h -Ofair --max-tasks-per-child 10

InfluxDB Consumer

mkdir -p /home/panoptes/log/consumers/influxdb
cd ~
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