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Pure CSS Website

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The website which showcases Pure CSS.

Running Locally

This is a node.js site which uses Express.js, which means it's very easy to get running locally.

$ npm install
$ npm start

To run the health checks:

$ grunt health.check

By default, it will run the tests using the local instance (running on port 5000) But you can also specify a remote host:

$ grunt health.check --host=foo

Auto-Building of Browser Assets

This site uses an integrated Broccoli build process. When the site is running in development mode, Broccoli will be watching everything in the public/ directory and rebuild when something changes.

This makes it much easier to work on browser-side features without needed to manually kick off the build process or restart the server.

Running with Pure Served Locally

Since this website dogfoods pure it's a great testbed to try out local changes you're making to Pure. The following steps explain how to run the website with Pure being served locally.

Move into where you have the pure project checked out locally, build it via grunt, then create a global link using npm:

$ cd pure/
$ grunt
$ npm link

Now you'll need to move into where you have this project checked out locally, install the website's npm dependencies (if you haven't done so already), link pure in pure-site using npm, then start up the server with the --pure-local argument:

$ cd ../pure-site/
$ npm link purecss
$ node server.js --pure-local

Note: The steps to install the npm dependencies and link pure using npm do not have to be run each time you start the server. Also, you can leave the server running and rebuild pure via grunt and you'll see the changes in your browser after refreshing!

Running in Production

To run the site in production mode you must first run the build via Grunt, and set the NODE_ENV environment variable to production:

$ grunt
$ NODE_ENV=production node server


This software is free to use under the Yahoo! Inc. BSD license. See the LICENSE file for license text and copyright information.