label and select differ depending on markup #265

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The two versions:

<label for="some-id">Some ID:</label>
<select id="some-id">.....</select>


    Some ID

Semantically should mean the same thing but appear to be styled differently because of how they inherit from their parents, particularly as relates to font size and therefore height.

This could catch someone off guard who was using the two different formats. Close WONTFIX and it won't bother me as I'm unlikely to use labels with "for" since it requires an id, nor am I likely to mix markup in the same form. But I thought I'd point it out.


Certainly a good idea. I've never used that second format before, so thanks for showing it!

ericf commented Jan 8, 2014

@brianjmiller yeah, agreed. We should remove the font-size declaration from .pure-form label. /cc @tilomitra

@tilomitra tilomitra added a commit to tilomitra/pure that referenced this issue Feb 10, 2014
@tilomitra tilomitra add entry for #265 fix bf4ceed

Yeah I agree. I sent a pull request that should fix this.

@tilomitra tilomitra added a commit that closed this issue Feb 11, 2014
@tilomitra tilomitra [Fix #265]: Remove `font-size` rules from .pure-form children
This commit removes `font-size` rules from `<input>`, `<legend>`, and
`<fieldset>` elements within `.pure-form`. I did keep the font-size
rules for `.pure-form-help-inline` since that size is meant to denote
@tilomitra tilomitra closed this in f2b5fd0 Feb 11, 2014
@ericf ericf referenced this issue Feb 14, 2014

v 0.4.2 #297

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