Pure 0.6.0-rc-1 – New Pure Menus

@jamesalley jamesalley released this Feb 6, 2015 · 55 commits to master since this release


This release incorporates numerous small bug fixes and PRs. Its big new feature is a rewrite of Menus. Menus are now less opinionated and easier to customize. We hope this makes the Menu construct more practical.

A caution regarding "upgrading"

This 0.x release of Pure is not guaranteed to be 100% backwards compatible with previous releases; Menus in particular have changed a great deal. So while it's great to start a new project with Pure 0.6.0, you should be cautious about upgrading Pure on a site that's already finely tuned and quality-checked.


You can consume this Release Candidate (v0.6.0-rc-1) the same way you usually consume Pure, whether you pull it off the CDN or install it via NPM or Bower. Just reference the new version in your urls with this rc version. For example:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://yui.yahooapis.com/pure/0.5.0/pure-min.css">

If you're interested in playing with the code, the pure-site repo has instructions for running the site locally in conjunction with a local copy of Pure. Or, you can visit the staging server to view the (revised website) [http://stage.purecss.io] working in concert with the new release.

About the Pure website

Pure has an accompanying website. While not bundled with Pure itself (it's in a separate repo), it is an important source of documentation and examples. You'll want to refer to it when checking out the new version of Pure, but since this is a pre-release, we're only publishing the website changes to our staging server, http://stage.purecss.io. There will be a slight delay between the time the Pure release hits GitHub and when the updating staging server goes live. Check the version number for Pure on the pure-site to be sure you're seeing the right version.

Changes to look out for


Pure now uses Normalize 3.0.2. Note that support for IE7 and below has been dropped.


Grids have not changed.


Buttons have not changed much, but watch out for sizing issues. .pure-button now uses box-sizing: border-box so that whether you use an anchor tag or a button tag, they render consistently.


Forms has no major changes to the classes or markup structure, but does have some changes that could affect forms built using Pure 0.5.0. You'll need to do a little QA to be sure everything's OK, as some padding and alignment properties have been tweaked.


There's an all-new Menu construct. The markup is different, the classnames are different, and a new example script to enable drop-downs will be included on the Pure website. There are also new examples illustrating how to achieve some common menu design patterns.

The pure-paginator construct has been removed from Menus, as it's trivial to create your own construct using inlined pure-button links.

Ye Olde IE

With the move to Normalize 3.0.x, we're dropping support for IE7 and below. Most of the IE6/7 specific rules have been removed from Pure. (There were not very many.)

IE8 is still supported.