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3.5.0 is out; fleshed out usage instructions.

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@@ -2,13 +2,28 @@ YUI 3 Cookbook Examples
This repo contains over 170 examples and related resource files for
-the YUI 3 Cookbook, to be published this year from O'Reilly Press.
+the `YUI 3 Cookbook <>`,
+to be published this year from O'Reilly Press.
+All code in the YUI 3 Cookbook is built and tested
+to run against YUI 3.5.0.
-YUI 3.5.0 vs. YUI 3.5.0pr2
+Some things to keep in mind when you run these examples:
-All code in the YUI 3 Cookbook is built to run against
-YUI 3.5.0. Since as of this date YUI 3.5.0 has not reached
-general availability, be sure to change all ``<script>`` and
-``<link>`` URLs to use "3.5.0pr2" instead of "3.5.0".
+* Some examples make a visible change to the DOM,
+ while others only produce browser log output.
+ If you open an example and nothing appears to be happening,
+ **check your browser console** for useful activity (or errors).
+* A few oddball examples involving ``localStorage``
+ actually require you to reload the page
+ in order to verify that the example is working as expected.
+* Most examples can run from your local filesystem,
+ but some require an actual web server.
+* Some examples that deal with YUI modules
+ declare absolute filepaths,
+ like ``/js/some/path.js``.
+ You can either run these examples in a real web server,
+ or change the filepath to be relative,
+ as in ``./js/some/path.js``.
+In general, be sure to read the recipe in the YUI 3 Cookbook
+(or at least read the example code carefully) before proceeding.

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