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All example files from the YUI 3 Cookbook, published by O'Reilly Press.
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YUI 3 Cookbook Examples

This repo contains over 170 examples and related resource files for the YUI 3 Cookbook, to be published this year from O'Reilly Press. All code in the YUI 3 Cookbook is built and tested to run against YUI 3.5.0.

Some things to keep in mind when you run these examples:

  • Some examples make a visible change to the DOM, while others only produce browser log output. If you open an example and nothing appears to be happening, check your browser console for useful activity (or errors).
  • A few oddball examples involving localStorage actually require you to reload the page in order to verify that the example is working as expected.
  • Most examples can run from your local filesystem, but some require an actual web server.
  • Some examples that deal with YUI modules declare absolute filepaths, like /js/some/path.js. You can either run these examples in a real web server, or change the filepath to be relative, as in ./js/some/path.js.

In general, be sure to read the recipe in the YUI 3 Cookbook (or at least read the example code carefully) before proceeding.

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