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Known bugs:
Patchlevels are not dealt with correctly. That is, if, for example, the
package listed in the vulnerabilities file is marked as "foo-1.2pl3" and a
package with a tiny version such as "foo-1.2.1" is installed, it may falsely
match. That is, comparison of "foo-1.2pl3" and "foo-1.2.1" claims that the
patchlevel version is higher. (The converse scenario also holds.)
This is a restriction of the used distutils.versions.LooseVersion
implementation. Presumably, the assumption is that a piece of software
wouldn't mix patchlevels with tiny versions (?). Note that the expensive
shell-out to parse_version(1) wouldn't solve this problem either: that program
operates on the same assumption.
Deeply nested brace expansions are not correctly dealt with. The
braceExpansion function is able to handle simply nested expansions such as
"foo-{,bar{-baz,-bla}}", but deeper levels of nesting may not yield the
expected results.
For the purposes of the vulnerability list, this seems acceptable for the time
being, as deeply nested version strings are not found. An alternative (albeit
very expensive) would be to shell out to zsh to do brace expansion.