AntPickax provides basic libraries, components and systems
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AntPickax includes open source software products which are necessary for Internet services in Yahoo! JAPAN. It includes basic libraries, components and systems.

AntPickax is a series of a challenging product that made it easy to solve complicated problems. We hope AntPickax products are widely used and create next innovations!

We will keep challenging to publish new open source software as a AntPickax product(like an Ant working with pickax).


Though we use and contribute a lot of open source software in Yahoo! JAPAN, we have started producing the AntPickax with the following background.

  • Basic functions that are necessary internally are not sufficient.
  • Adopting a new architecture to drastically reduce operating costs.
  • Performance (mainly speed and scalability) is insufficient.
  • License restrictions, it can not be introduced inside the company.

Among the created software, we have released software as an AntPickax product that has performance comparable to that of existing OSS and has useful functions not found in existing OSS.

AntPickax Product List

The open source codes that the AntPickax product has published includes the following.

  • k2hdkc
    High-speed autoscaleable distributed KVS cluster system created based on k2hash and chmpx.
  • k2hftfuse
    A component based on FUSE library which can transfer files, texts, logs at high speed, relay transfer, and aggregate.
  • k2hash
    Key Value Store(KVS) library featuring high speed, large capacity and many functions.
  • chmpx
    High-speed communication middleware capable of constructing a cluster.
  • k2htpdtor
    A standard plug-in library for transaction processing linked with the k2hash library.
  • fullock
    A fast and secure exclusive control library used by k2hash, chmpx.



This software is released under the MIT License, see the license file.

Copyright(C) 2018 Yahoo Japan Corporation.