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chmpx nodejs addon library

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CHMPX addon library for Node.js


CHMPX nodejs is the Node.js addon library of the CHMPX communication middleware library by Yahoo! JAPAN.
CHMPX is a product of a communication middleware library and tools for binary communication between processes over network.

By chmpx nodejs addon library, you can easily incorporate CHMPX communication function into Node.js based program.
For CHMPX nodejs's features and functions, see the chmpx nodejs documentation and chmpx documentation.

CHMPX Node.js addon


chmpx nodejs addon library is provided as an NPM package.
Before installing this package, you need the chmpx package(RPM or Debian).
First of all, please install the chmpx developer package as described here.
Next, install the chmpx nodejs addon library using the npm command.

$ npm install chmpx




This software is released under the MIT License, see the license file.


CHMPX is one of AntPickax products.

Copyright(C) 2015 Yahoo Japan Corporation.