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⚡️ Danger as a Service ⚡️
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⚡️ Accelerate your pull requests by awesome automations ⚡️

Hosted Danger helps agressive automations for your pull requests especially for assigning reviewers, checking CI statuses and merging. Hosted Danger executes danger internally. In other words, it's a Danger As A Service. The differences of original danger are "when" and "what" to be executed.

  • ✔️ When: Hosted Danger is detached from CI processes. So danger can be executed interactively. (It's reacted for Github Webhooks.)
  • ✔️ What: It cannot refer the source codes and build products basically. It's specialized for Pull Requests automations, not for showing results of lints, tests or coverages.

🚀 The Hosted Danger is activated on more than 1500 repositoies in Yahoo! JAPAN. 🚀

danger/danger is really awesome OSS. I would like to send a big respect for @orta.

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This project requires contributors to agree to a CLA (Contributor License Agreement).

Note that only for contributions to the Hosted Danger repository on the GitHub (, the contributors of them shall be deemed to have agreed to the CLA without individual written agreements.

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