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Very lightweight & robust custom-looking HTML scrollbar script.

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Currently only supports vertical scroll due to cultural norms

While there is somewhat of a support for scrollbar customization through CSS, it is not fully supported in all browsers / older versions and the level of customization isn't flexible enough to allow creativity or certain special product needs.

Example markup:

<div class="foo">



The above will transform into this:

<div class="foo">
    <div class="fakeScroll__wrap">
        <div class="fakeScroll__content">
    <div class="fakeScroll__bar"></div>

Browser support

The script probably won't work on IE without Babel & ES2015 polyfills.



Name Type Default Info
classname String "" Class name which is added to the scrollbar Track element
track Boolean/String false enable track events. use "smooth" for smooth "jumping"