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import sys, os, shutil
import numpy as np
from PIL import Image, ImageFilter, ImageOps
def recreateFolder(folderName):
if os.path.exists(folderName):
def changeColors(image, bgColor, threshold):
# Because we want to support in colorful gifs - to allow rgb bgColor -
# we covert the image back to rgb
image = image.convert("RGB")
# We use numpy to work with the image data array directly
data = np.array(image)
# Get the three channels of the image to compare to
red, green, blue = data[:,:,0], data[:,:,1], data[:,:,2]
# Create mask to check if all channels (that probably all the same)
# are bigger than threshold
bgMask = (red > threshold) & (green > threshold) & (blue > threshold)
# Replace all pixels that fit for the criteria with the bg color
data[:,:,:3][bgMask] = bgColor
# create back image from data array
return Image.fromarray(data)
def fadeIn(image, bgColor, fgColor):
folderName = "gifTemp"
filePath = "{0}/{1}.png"
index = 0
for threshold in range(0, 255, 25):
changeColors(image.copy(), bgColor, threshold).save(filePath.format(folderName, index))
index += 1
os.system("ffmpeg -i " + folderName + "/%01d.png gifResults/fadeIn.gif")
os.system("gifsicle -b gifResults/fadeIn.gif -d10 '#0--2' -d75 '#-1'")
if len(sys.argv) > 1:
imageFileName = sys.argv[1]
print "arg not found. Run filename"
# load image
original =
# convert to grayscale -> find edges -> invert
edges = ImageOps.invert(original.convert("L").filter(ImageFilter.FIND_EDGES))
#reset results folder
fadeIn(edges, [255,255,255], [0,0,0])