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Revision history for {{$dist->name}}
v0.0.7 2012-11-13 23:57:09 Asia/Tokyo
* Handle correctly optional prereq Filter::tee.
v0.0.6 2012-11-05 23:41:58 Asia/Tokyo
[Functional changes]
* Add debug feature.
* Replace package name even though it is in quoted strings, with PPI.
* Avoid conflict between original module and filtered module.
[Non-functional changes]
* Use DZP::Test::Kwalitee::Extra and DZP::MinimumPerl for Kwalitee.
* Use DZP::Twitter for release notification.
v0.0.5 2012-10-31 12:41:12 Asia/Tokyo
[Functional changes]
* Use `can' instead of direct access to symbol table.
[Non-functional changes]
* Avoid false alarm by prereq_matches_use Kwalitee indicator.
* Use Pod::Weaver.
v0.0.4 2012-10-18 02:47:28 Asia/Tokyo
* Add using PPI feature (use_ppi option).
v0.0.3 2012-10-17 01:19:14 Asia/Tokyo
* Fix incorrect prereq name.
* Add `with' option.
v0.0.2 2012-10-13 13:22:59 Asia/Tokyo
* Fix missing prereq to Test::Exception.
v0.0.1 2012-10-13 01:02:26 Asia/Tokyo
* Initial release.
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