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Apply source filter on an external module
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filtered - Apply source filter on external module


# Apply source filter on, then result can be used as FilteredTarget
# PPI is used for package name replacement specified by C<as>
use filtered by => 'YourFilter', as => 'FilteredTarget', on => 'Target', use_ppi => 1, qw(func);
my $obj = FilteredTarget->new;

# You can omit `as' option and `on' key
use filtered by => 'YourFilter', 'Target', qw(func);
my $obj = Target->new; # Target is filtered

# You can use differnt module with the same filter
use filtered by => 'YourFilter', as => 'FilteredTarget1', on => 'Target1', qw(func);
use filtered by => 'YourFilter', as => 'FilteredTarget2', on => 'Target2', qw(func);

# or, you can also use differnt filters on the same module
use filtered by => 'YourFilter1', as => 'FilteredTarget1', on => 'Target', qw(func);
use filtered by => 'YourFilter2', as => 'FilteredTarget2', on => 'Target', qw(func);

# If you need to pass some arguments to source filter, you can use `with' option
# NOTE that this is just a scalar string.
use filtered by => 'YourFilter', with => 'qw(foo bar)', as => 'FilteredTarget', on => 'Target', qw(func);


Source filter has unlimited power to enhance Perl. However, source filter is usually applied on your own sources. This module enables you to apply source filter on external module.


Rest of the options are passed to import of filtered module.

  • by

Mandatory. Specify a source filter module you want to apply on an external module.

  • with

Specify arguments passed to source filter. NOTE that this value is just embedded as a scalar string.

  • as

Specify the package name for the resultant filtered module. This option can be omitted. If omitted, original names are used.

  • on

Mandatory. Specify a target module. on keyword can be ommited if this is the last option.

  • use_ppi

If true, PPI is used for replacement by as. If PPI is available, defaults to true. Otherwise false.


  • This module uses @INC hook.

For @INC hook, please consult perldoc -f require. Hook itself is enabled in short period but it may affect other modules.

  • Replacement by as is applied in limited context.

If you specified as => FilteredTarget, on => Target, the following codes:

package Target::work;
package Target;

are transformed into as follows:

package FilteredTarget::work;
package FilteredTarget;

Actually, only '\bpackage\s+Target\b' and '\bTarget::\b' are replaced if use_ppi is false. '\bTarget\b' in arguments of package statements and bare words are replaced if use_ppi is true.





This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

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