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All you need to know when hacking (modifying) GNU gettext or when building
it off the git repository.
You will need reasonably recent versions of the build tools:
* A C compiler; on Cygwin or mingw also a C++ compiler. Such as GNU GCC.
+ Homepage:
* GNU automake
+ Homepage:
* GNU autoconf
+ Homepage:
* GNU m4
+ Homepage:
* GNU bison
+ Homepage:
* GNU gperf
+ Homepage:
* GNU groff 1.17 or newer
+ Homepage:
* GNU texinfo
+ Homepage:
* GNU emacs or XEmacs
+ Homepage:
* Perl
+ Homepage:
* TeX (for making the doc in .dvi, .ps or .pdf format)
+ Homepage:
* Either an internet connection or a recent copy of GNU gnulib.
+ Homepage:
* GNU tar (for creating distributable tarballs)
+ Homepage:
And, of course, the packages listed in the DEPENDENCIES file.
Building off the git repository
Access to the git repository is described at
After fetching the sources from the repository, peek at the comments in, then run "./"; then you can proceed with "./configure"
as usual.
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