💾 Project template for fast start. Inspired by CSSSR
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Project template based on gulp, jade and postcss.


If you don't have Node.js, install it from official site

If you don't have gulp.js, install it, by running npm install -g gulp in your terminal.

If Node.js and gulp.js are installed run the following:

Action Command
clone repository git clone https://github.com/yakhinvadim/project-template your-project-name
enter project folder cd your-project-name
install dependencies npm install

after installing, you can run tasks, described below


Primary tasks

Command Task
gulp build build /dist from /src
gulp watch build, then watch for changes in /src and automatically run secondary tasks (below) to process these changes
gulp build, run localhost:4000 and watch for changes

Secondary tasks

Command Task
gulp html compile .jade to .html
gulp css concatenate .css, process with postcss processors and create source-map
gulp js copy .js to /dist without changes
gulp fonts copy fonts to /dist without changes
gulp img optimize images
gulp sprite-svg build svg-sprite from separate svg-icons
gulp temp copy temporarily files to /dist without changes

Support tasks

Command Task
gulp ftp upload /dist to ftp (don't forget to provide credentials and upload address in section variables in gulpfile.js)
gulp clean clean /dist