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EagleMQ is an open source, high-performance and lightweight queue manager
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EagleMQ is an open source, high-performance and lightweight queue manager.


The latest documentation can be found here:


Currently EagleMQ can be compiled and used only on Linux.

The command to build EagleMQ:

% make

Installing EagleMQ

To install EagleMQ use:

% make install

EagleMQ will be installed in /usr/local/bin.

Running EagleMQ

To run EagleMQ with the default configuration type:

% ./src/eaglemq

You can also specify options on the command line. Example:

% ./src/eaglemq eaglemq.conf --daemonize on --unix-socket /tmp/eaglemq --log-file /tmp/eaglemq.log

Memory allocator

EagleMQ supports 3 memory allocator: libc malloc, tcmalloc, jemalloc.

The default memory allocator libc malloc.

To compile against libc malloc, use:

% make MALLOC=libc

To compile against tcmalloc, use:

% make MALLOC=tcmalloc

To compile against jemalloc, use:

% make MALLOC=jemalloc
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