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Intro to TensorFlow Labs

Lab 1: Intro to Tensorflow and MLP's for Sentiment Analysis

Lab 1 can be found at Lab1.ipynb.

Lab 2: LSTM's for Sequence Modeling

Lab 2 can be found at Lab2.ipynb.

Running the labs

The labs are jupyter notebooks, so run jupyter notebook in this directory, and then click on the proper file name in jupyter to open it.

Install Instructions

Please copy the following commands to your bash terminal:

Pip Instructions

If you are using pip:

git clone;
cd introdeeplearning;
pip install virtualenv;
virtualenv intro_dl;
source intro_dl/bin/activate;
pip install --upgrade pip;
pip install tensorflow;
pip install matplotlib;
pip install pandas;
pip install jupyter;
python -m ipykernel install --user --name=intro_dl
echo 'done';
jupyter notebook

From within jupyter, in the top-right corner, select the kernel named "intro_dl". This is the kernel that will have the contents of your virtualenv.

Conda Instructions

git clone;
cd introdeeplearning;
conda create -n intro_dl;
source activate intro_dl;
conda install -c conda-forge tensorflow;
pip install matplotlib;
pip install pandas;
conda install jupyter;
echo 'done';
jupyter notebook

If you don't have git


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