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Yale Spector
Yale Spector committed Feb 1, 2012
2 parents 9c5d81e + d7a02a3 commit 5332183114df22077e805f083e1ff0f4d9fa58b8
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@@ -69,12 +69,12 @@ function k {
alias bex='bundle exec'
-alias omz='vim ~/Sites/castle/home/.oh-my-zsh/'
-alias myzsh='vim ~/Sites/castle/home/.oh-my-zsh/custom/yale.zsh'
+alias omz='vim ~/.homesick/repos/yales-castle/home/.oh-my-zsh/'
alias vimfiles='cd ~/Sites/vim-files/'
alias nodeboilerplate='git clone git://'
alias octave='exec /Applications/'
alias git='nocorrect git'
-alias aliases='vim ~/Sites/castle/home/.oh-my-zsh/custom/yale.zsh'
+alias aliases='vim ~/.homesick/repos/yales-castle/home/.oh-my-zsh/custom/yale.zsh'
alias site5='ssh'
alias hspull='homesick pull yales-castle'
+alias castle='cd ~/.homesick/repos/yales-castle/'

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