Visualization of Topics Derived from Collection of Papers by Topic Model
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Vis-Topics: Visualization of Topics Derived from Collection of Papers

Vis-Topics is a knowledge based papers interactive visual analytics: a system to mine topics from large collection of papers and visualize topics and their content changing over time.


You can test the visualization system through this demo, however the backend functions such as creating new visualization by uploading json files.

If you want to explore all the functions of this visualization system, you can install, build and use it yourself.

There is a vedio, to display the view and all the interactions of this system.


The main view of the system is as follows:


The visualization system consists of four coordinated overviews:

  • a tag flow view that displays the topics with related keywords and their temporal evolution;
  • a category tree view that recursively presents the categories that topic contains;
  • a topic list view that provide topics with total information and a query;
  • and a article list view that show the meta data of papers.

Each of the four views in the visualization system servers a distinct purpose, and they are coordinated through a rich set of user interactions. In addition, This is a component names controller that can regulate all the views and interactive mode.


If you want to build this system on your own pc, you should:

  • Download DrRacket from racket-lang
  • Install DrRacket
  • Download this repo
  • open file “run.rkt” in this repo using GrRacket
  • Click “Run” on Top Right of GrRacket
  • Open “http://localhost:8080” in your Browser (Like Chrome, Firfox, or Safari).


MIT license (© 2014-2015 Yali Bian)