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update Changes for -no-naked-pointers

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commit 0875b3c630e9ddb711c7d8cf6f0f5c0a751ef926 1 parent 520fad7
@mshinwell mshinwell authored
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@@ -70,6 +70,11 @@ Toplevel interactive system:
- PR#5377: New "#show_*" directives
Runtime system:
+- New configure option "-no-naked-pointers" to improve performance by
+ avoiding page table tests during block darkening and the marking phase
+ of the major GC. In this mode, all out-of-heap pointers must point at
+ things that look like OCaml values: in particular they must have a valid
+ header. The colour of said headers should be black.
- Fixed bug in native code version of [caml_raise_with_string] that could
potentially lead to heap corruption.
- Blocks initialized by [CAMLlocal*] and [caml_alloc] are now filled with

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