The SMALLLIGHT is a module of Apache2 which provides a dynamic image transformation.
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mod_small_light - Dynamic image transformation module for Apache2

The mod_small_light provides a dynamic image transformation.

Build Environment

Supported Platforms: GNU/Linux, and other operating systems support GCC.


Simply run the configure script with --with-apxs option for analyzing your
environment automatically.

 ./configure --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs

Or you can specify the location of each imlib2-config and Wand-config by
using --with options.

 ./configure --with-imlib2-config=/usr/local/imlib2/bin/imlib2-config
 ./configure --with-Wand-config=/usr/local/ImageMagick/bin/Wand-config

Or if you don't have a plan to use imlib2 or Wand, you can specify --without

 ./configure --without-imlib2
 ./configure --without-Wand

And then, make and make install to complete installation.

 sudo make install


This module is implemented as an output filter. Use SetOutputFilter directive
to activate it.

* for local use.

   RewriteRule ^/images/(.+)$ /your/local/images/$1 [L]
   RewriteRule ^/resize/(.+)$ /small_light(dw=400,dh=400,ds=s)/$1 [P,L]
   RewriteRule ^/small_light[^/]*/(.+)$ /your/local/images/$1
   <LocationMatch ^/small_light[^/]*/>
     SetOutputFilter SMALL_LIGHT

* for dedicated use.

   RewriteRule ^/images/(.+)$$1 [P,L]
   RewriteRule ^/resize/(.+)$ /small_light(dw=400,dh=400,ds=s)/$1 [P,L]
   RewriteRule ^/small_light[^/]*/(.+)$$1 [P,L]
   <LocationMatch ^/small_light[^/]*/>
     SetOutputFilter SMALL_LIGHT

After you set the output filter, your apache transforms an image by
transformation pattern specified in the URI.

Pattern string

The pattern string specifies as KEY=VALUE format in small_light().

    sx        source x [coord]
    sy        source y [coord]
    sw        source width [coord]
    sh        source height [coord]
    dx        destination x [coord]
    dy        destination y [coord]
    dw        destination width [coord]
    dh        destination height [coord]
    da        destination aspect ratio control [char]
              (s=short-edge l=long-edge n=nope default:l)
    ds        destination scaling control [char]
              (s=force scale n=no scale small image default:n)
    cw        canvas width [number]
    ch        canvas height [number]
    cc        canvas color(default:000000) [color]
    bw        border width [number]
    bh        border height [number]
    bc        border color(default:000000) [color]
    pt        pass through control [char]
              (ptss:pass through when size of src-image < dest
               ptls:pass through when size of src-image > dest
               n:none default:n)
    q         quality(affects only jpeg or png, 0-100) [number]
    of        output format(jpeg,png,tiff,gif) [char] *1
    inhexif   inherit EXIF [char] *2
              (n:none y:inherit default:n)
    jpeghint  enable jpeg loading optimization [char]
              (n:none y:enable default:n)
    info      add transformation description to HTTP Header [number]
              (0:none 1:add default:0)
    p         pattern name(see below)
    e         engine name(imlib2,imagemagick,dummy) [char]
    sharpen   e=imlib2,sharpen=radius
    unsharp   e=imagemagick,unsharp=radius,sigma,amount,threshold
    blur      e=imlib2,blur=radius
    *1 of=gif is supported only when e=imagemagick
    *2 inhexif is supported only when e=imlib2

    coord   corrdinate. pixel, or percent by appending 'p'.
    char    character
    number  number
    color   rrggbb or rrggbbaa. ffffff as white, 000000 as black.

* Pattern name

You can use named pattern by using SmallLightPatternDefine directive. This
will reduce length and complexity of your URI.

  SmallLightPatternDefine <PATTERN_NAME> <PATTERN STRING>

Some examples here.

  SmallLightPatternDefine THUMB_SMALL sx=5p,sy=5p,sw=90p,sh=90p,dw=40,dh=40,da=l,cw=40,ch=40,cc=ffffff,q=80,of=jpeg
  SmallLightPatternDefine THUMB_MEDIUM sx=5p,sy=5p,sw=90p,sh=90p,dw=96,dh=96,da=l,cw=96,ch=96,cc=ffffff,q=80,of=jpeg
  SmallLightPatternDefine THUMB_LARGE sx=5p,sy=5p,sw=90p,sh=90p,dw=200,dh=200,da=l,cw=200,ch=200,cc=ffffff,q=80,of=jpeg

To use named pattern, simply small_light(p=PATTERN_NAME). The pattern could
be overridden by patterns followed.



  small_light(p=THUMB_SMALL,q=80) * 'q' will be overridden to 80.