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An emacs major mode for editing Igor Pro procedures
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An emacs major mode for editing Igor Pro procedure files (*.ipf)

This mode currently provides syntax highlighting and indentation for the Igor programming language syntax.

It has been tested with GNU emacs 23.2 and Igor Pro 6.22A, but it may work with other versions.


Install like any other emacs package, by adding the following lines to your emacs initialization file (e.g. .emacs):

(add-to-list 'load-path "<path/to/igor-mode>")
(require 'igor-mode)


There is also an experimental feature that automatically reloads *.ipf files from the running Igor experiment when the file is saved in emacs. This is necessary because Igor write-protects any loaded *.ipf files. The auto-reloading works well as long as the file is not edited in emacs and Igor at the same time--that is, you should do all of the file editing in emacs.

Auto-reload interacts with Igor through the underlying operating system. Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (running Wine) are supported.

The Windows and Linux/Wine versions of the auto-reload feature require a native Windows python distribution and the pywin32 package. Both ActivePython and EPD bundle pywin32 in their distribution.

The official Python distribution has been tested to work with Linux/Wine. If you are running Gentoo Linux make sure that Wine (app-emulation/wine) is installed with the the gnutls and the samba USE flags on. The command to run Wine python is held in the variable igor-exec-path-to-python-wine, which will likely need to be customized for your particular setup.

Auto-reload can be turned off by setting the igor-use-autoreload customization variable to nil. It is activated by default.



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