Implementation of SocNL [Yamaguchi+, PAKDD15]
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  • Results in toy.inferred and toy.result


python [training filepath] [graph filepath] [# of nodes] [# of labeled nodes] [# of labels] [lambda] > [inferred filepath]

python [test filepath] [inferred filepath] > [result filepath]

  • requires numpy/scipy

File format

Make sure to start all node ids from 0.

Graph file format

[src node id] \t [dst node id]

  • See toy data file

Training file format

[node id] \t [label id]

  • Make sure to list labeled nodes on top, and unlabeled nodes on bottom.
  • For unlabeled nodes, let [label id] = -1.
  • See toy data file

Test file format

[node id] \t [label id]

  • Make sure to list only test nodes.
  • See toy data file

Inferred file format

[inferred label id] \t [confidence value]

Result file format

[precision@p] [p]