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Tapur for Skype, Open source version
C++ C Objective-C TeX
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[about LICENSE]
This Project is the Apache License Version 2.0.
But Notice License Exception Terms.

*Tapur icon (C) Hiko Nakamura (
Tapur icons are licensed by Hiko Nakamura.
If you use Tapur icons, you must obtain permission by and Hiko Nakamura.

*Icons courtesy of, used with permission.

*Sound files are licensed by
If you use sound files, you must obtain permission by

*See the NOTICE file or source header distributed with this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
*TVideoGrabber( is used for playing video fucntion, but this function does't work without licence code.
You can change this fucntion to WindowsMediaPlayer, and others easily.

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