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A Text-Based Roguelike MMORPG – World Simulation – Genetic Programming Project
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The ASCII Project - 0.0.1e - Re Master
IRC = Temporarily Disabled
Yamamushi -

The overall aim of "The ASCII Project" is to develop a Unicode graphics based "Roguelike" MMORPG engine which operates a persistent world driven by a player-run economy.



	A year behind on this branch, but we're going to start off by fixing the network serialization issues from the ground up. Then we will rework the Map Class hierarchy.
	These changes should culminate in a smoother network latency, at which point we can focus on rewriting the client to handle threaded data without crashes.


	Almost finished with saving and loading maps to disk, which is necessary for some of the world "sculpting" things I am going to try.

	We've moved on up to 0.0.1, as I'm now about to pull in major revisions from bits of code I've been experimenting with 
lately. This code does compile, but I intend on getting back into a code frenzy, so don't tie yourself to anything yet.


	* Players can "destroy" and place blocks and items to create persistent structures, in much the same way that Minecraft allows players to work together to build constructions.

	* The game world will run and operate independent of player-input. NPC's will continue to develop and operate when nobody is logged into the server.

	* The game world will operate in a 3-Dimensional space, allowing for an "advanced" physics engine and opening the door to new possibilities.

	* NPC's will operate independent of eachother, in that each has the ability to make their own decisions based on their relationships with players and other NPC's.

	* The above mentioned relationships will continue to develop amongst NPC's without any player input.
    	* All C++ source code will remain 100% C++11 compliant, including 3rd party libraries. If changes are necessary to 
those libraries to remain standards compliant, they will be made where possible. Otherwise we will defer to another library or write our own if necessary.

	* TBA - I would rather be coding that writing up this readme file, please refer to the homepage at and the wiki at for more information.


* Various documents of interest are located in docs/, and licenses where necessary have been included in licenses/. If you are new to this project and are just trying to figure out what this is all about, please refer to docs/ABOUT.txt

* The largest online repository of information about this project can be found on our wiki at , some of it may be dated as of the time of writing this document, however it does house the most consolidated collections of ideas and goals for this project.

Copyright (c) 2012 Jonathan Rumion
Source code is available from:
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