Free and open source mod to turn Skyrim into an Online experience.
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This mod is intended to sync the player and the world state accross multiple clients.


You will need Visual Studio 2013 to build, the community edition is free. You will also need to install the following :

  1. Now go to Build/ and double click MakeVS2013Projects.bat, this will codegen the netcode and create the Visual Studio solution.
  2. Go to Build/projects and open SkyrimOnline.sln
  3. Choose the configuration PriRel or PubRel (PriDeg does NOT work)
  4. Click Build.
  5. Enjoy.


  1. You will first need to copy the Data directory in your Skyrim installation folder.
  2. Then you will need to copy dinput8.dll, MyGUIEngine.dll and ScriptDragon.dll which you can find in Build/Bin in your Skyrim installation folder.
  3. We recommend creating a simlink to SkyrimOnline.dll in Data/SKSE/plugins/, you can always copy/paste the binary there every time.
  4. In Build/bin/server you will find Game.exe (PubRel) or Game_r.exe (PriRel), launch one.

Remember this is the experimental branch and as you can probably see there is no release or stable branch, so if it might not work or even build.