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Wish List

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List of features & work which would be great to implement into Integral. If you're looking to contribute look no further!


  • Ability to select a template for the blog through either an initialiser or settings
  • Add copy of message to email auto reply template


  • Toast notifications are dismissible
  • Admin - Ability View & undelete soft-deleted items
  • Settings validation - Ability to validate particular settings i.e. Has to be an integer above 0 or has to be a published page
  • Activity Tracking - Display recent site activity in dashboard
  • Activity Tracking - Display recent user activity on profile
  • Activity Tracking - Display recent Object activity within an object dashboard, i.e. for posts dashboard would be all blogging activity
  • Users - Ability to see & set user status, i.e. a user has been invited but not yet signed up, or a user has been deactivated
  • Users - Ability to resend invite
  • Users - Users can resent their own password and/or managers can resent user passwords
  • Active User listing (x users online, user was online 5 days ago..)
  • Commenting - Ability to comment on records & activities
  • Liking - Ability to like activities & comments
  • User Notifications (email & in-app) - Receive a notification when someone comments on your activity or (in future) when someone mentions you
  • Messaging - Users can message other users
  • UI - Styling should be improved to better represent designs
  • UI - Font awesome icons should be replaced with the thinner icons from design
  • UI - Navigation should be at least partially visible on medium/large screens at all times
  • Improved image management (Direct to AWS, file naming, multiple uploads)
  • Fallback initial avatars -
  • Editor - Twitter & Instagram embeds
  • Editor - Improve image management - Better UI with images linked to Integral Images
  • Editor - Handle Integral Widgets
  • Editor - Grid management


  • Editor - Remove obstructive JS
  • Editor - Assets should go through asset pipeline
  • List Rendering - Causing n+1 queries when a list has multiple ListItem Object records

Technical Debt

  • Editor - Reduce pre-compilation time by only compiling what is needed
  • Move list models into subfolder
  • Tidy up implementation and create full specs for ListRenderer & ListItemRenderer
  • Feature specs for all controller actions at the minimum checking for 200 status
  • Add specs for frontend controllers
  • Tidy up configuration implementation
  • Raise coverage too 99%+
  • All TODOs :)


  • Minimise steps for installation - Generator should add the seeds and routes, should also automatically pull in and setup database
  • Don't see something you think should be on the wish list? Get in touch, or even better - create a PR!
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