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Manued is a proofreading method. This is emacs implementation.
Emacs Lisp
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Manued is a proofreading method. manued.el is an emacs implementation.


manued Copyright 1998-2016 (C) Hitoshi Yamauchi

This is a quick reference.

  1. What is manued?

Manued is a proofreading method of manuscripts. This method is proposed by Ikuo Takeuchi in No.39 Programming symposium of Japan, 1998. ( Althogh manued is a media independent proofreading method, it is especially effective for exchanging electric texts via E-mail.

Manued web page

  1. Installation

manued.el depends on after Emacs Version 20. The author tested manued.el on GNU XEmacs 21.4 (patch 6) and GNU Emacs 20.7.2.

  • Put the manued.el file on your emacs `load-path'.
  • Add the next line to your .emacs file. (autoload 'manued-minor-mode "manued" "manuscript editing mode" t)
  1. Starting Manued

Type M-x manued-minor-mode.

(1) Tutorial

  • There is a tutorial/English/manued.tut. Please open it by emacs.

(2) manued-minor-mode

  • To enter manued-minor-mode, please type "M-x manued-minor-mode".

  • Type some texts in the buffer.

  • To insert manued swap command, put a mark and type M-x manued:insert-swap-command (or type C-c C-m C-s).

  • To extract revised document in another buffer, Type manued:show-newer-in-manued-buffer.

  • Others: please select a menu item. Type M-n or M-p, this is the search command for manued command.

  1. Documentations

More details are in the doc/ directory. Have fun!.


Copyright (C) 1998-2012 Hitoshi Yamauchi

This software is free software. There is absolutely no warranty about this program. This software can be redistributed only under GNU copyleft (most recently version of GNU General Public License). See doc/manued-j/manued-j.html (In Japanese) or doc/manued-e/manued-e.html (In English).

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