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Export Redash -> Spreadsheet, in private network
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Export Redash -> Spreadsheet, in private network


Tables in Redash can be accessible from Google Spreadsheet via IMPORTDATA if your Redash is in public network.

If your Redash is OSS version and hosted in private network, it cannot be accessible from Spreadsheet.

By running redash-to-spreadhseet in same private network, it dumps Redash result to Spreadsheet.

Prepare environment variables

Set environment variables.

export OAUTH2_JSON_CREDENTIAL={"type": "service_account", ...}
export REDASH_URL=https://base.url.of.your.redash
export REDASH_API_KEY=blahblahblah

To get OAUTH2_JSON_CREDENTIAL, you can see this guide.

REDASH_API_KEY must be User API Key.

Prepare Spreadsheet

Create new spreadsheet prefixed with Qxxx:, e.g. Q123: DAU table). If your sheet's name is Q123: DAU table, query result with id 123 will be exported. This name pattern can be configured by setting SHEET_NAME_PATTERN.

Then, add permission of the created service account to the sheet.


Run ./redash-to-spreadsheet or docker run -it --rm --env-file .env yamitzky/redash-to-spreadhseet.

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