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The YAML Summit Wiki

This is a CogWeb wiki for the YAML Summit, Berlin Germany, May 4-7 2017.


Using this CogWeb Wiki

  • This is a CogWeb wiki. The CogWeb software is included in this repository.
    • To enable the CogWeb software, run this command: make && source .cogweb/.rc
  • The wiki pages are written in markdown and stored in the .cog/ directory.
    • They have human friendly symlinks in the top level.
  • The wiki website is generated by cogweb into the .site/ directory.
    • It is then pushed to and served from GitHub Pages.
  • Don't commit changes to git by hand.
    • Use the cogweb CLI described below.

The cogweb Commands

  • cogweb new

    Create a new page. The page should start with a title as the first line:

    # Page Title

  • cogweb edit <page-name-or-id>

    Edit an existing page. Use this instead of just using your editor. It validates, links and commits your changes in the appropriate manner.

  • cogweb build

    Build the website from the current pages into the .site/ directory.

  • cogweb test

    Start a local server to test your changes before pushing.

  • cogweb push

    Publish the wiki. Pushes to the .site/ directory to the gh-pages branch (GitHub Pages). This does not push your wiki changes to the master branch. Use git push to do that.

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