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A port of PyYAML to CommonJS
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A (partial) direct port of PyYAML (

Currently only works with CommonJS (tested with NodeJS).

Likely to be extremely buggy just now for any non-trivial documents, as it's
only been tested with basic list/map structures.

Depends on:
  CoffeeScript (
  underscore (

Currently ported:
  Loading of default YAML structures to Javascript objects

Still to be ported:
  Serializing Javascript objects to YAML
  Loading serialized Javascript objects as a class instance, if available


    yaml = require './src/yaml'
    yaml.load '''
              - just: write some
              - yaml:
                - [here, and]
                - {it: updates, in: real-time}
      { just: 'write some' },
        yaml: [
          [ 'here', 'and' ],
          { it: 'updates', in: 'real-time' }
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