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Tina Müller (tinita) edited this page Aug 27, 2018 · 6 revisions

YAML language changes will be written up as RFCs.

Number Description
RFC-001 Remove the 1024 character limit
RFC-002 Limit content allowed after the '---' header
RFC-003 Characters that can appear in anchor
RFC-004 Block sequence entries must use space after dash
RFC-005 Restrict default implicit types to JSON semantics
RFC-006 Disallow carriage return as a break
RFC-007 Disallow flow collections as implicit keys
RFC-008 Annotations
RFC-009 Allow unresolvable aliases as externally defined variables
RFC-010 Fixed position of node properties and block scalar indicators
RFC-011 Indentation of block scalars
RFC-012 Remove wiki-like syntax from folded block scalars
RFC-013 Disallow mixing implicit and explicit mapping style
RFC-014 Anchors always always come before tags (when both)
RFC-015 Empty values not allowed as mapping keys
RFC-016 Enforce tag URI scheme for tags
RFC-017 Disallow colon at the end of plain scalars
RFC-018 Deprecate directives
RFC-019 Remove tag URI expansion
RFC-020 Quote irregular keys
RFC-021 Allow colon/space in block plain scalars
RFC-022 Allow comments in multiline plain scalars
RFC-023 Support double quote interpolation
RFC-024 Explicit external variables
RFC-025 Fix Regexp for Floats in JSON Schema
RFC-026 Allow "double quoted" Block Scalar
RFC-027 Remove multiline flow scalars in blocks
RFC-028 Forbid bare documents (except the first)

New RFC Ideas

  • Remove Merge Key
  • Defined order for indicator options '|2-'
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