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=== Spec Example 5.12. Tabs and Spaces
--- from:
--- tags: spec whitespace upto-1.2
--- in-yaml(<)
# Tabs and spaces
quoted: "Quoted <TAB>"
void main() {
<TAB>printf("Hello, world!\n");
--- in-json
"quoted": "Quoted \t",
"block": "void main() {\n\tprintf(\"Hello, world!\\n\");\n}\n"
--- out-yaml
quoted: "Quoted \t"
block: |
void main() {
<TAB>printf("Hello, world!\n");
--- test-event
=VAL :quoted
=VAL "Quoted \t
=VAL :block
=VAL |void main() {\n\tprintf("Hello, world!\\n");\n}\n
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