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Update to URL encode the "since" query string parameter. Fix the host…

…name to no longer point at staging.
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1 parent b6d476a commit 2b7378eeb292b1a8d9afa54f4af48232ad20db3b Ryan Kennedy committed Mar 7, 2012
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@@ -31,11 +31,11 @@ NEXT_EXPORT=`date "+%s"`
# Perform the next export. Send the OAuth 2 access token and store the UNIX time of this
# export in the filename.
-wget -O export-$ \
- -t 1 \
+curl -v --output export-$ \
--header "Authorization: Bearer $AT" \
- "$DATE"
+ --get --data-urlencode since=$DATE \
+ ""
# Verify that the download completed successfully.
if [ $? != 0 ]; then
echo "Download up."

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When using curl, it shows HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request after TLS handshake, may I ask why it doesn't work or I do something wrong?
I've posted the question with specific error log in it, please check and give me suggestion possibly if you're free.


Replied with more questions on Stack Overflow.

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