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All configuration entries can be modified by setting environment variables that follow the following format (double underscores):


For example, setting the log level can be done via BEAGLE__GENERAL__LOG_LEVEL=WARN

Each section below represents a single entry in the configuration file:


  • log_level : Logging level, can be one of INFO, DEBUG, WARNING, ERROR, TRACE, CRITICAL.
    • Default value is INFO


  • host: The neo4j hostname, including protocol.
    • For example bolt://localhost:7687
  • username: Username to authenticate with
  • password: Password for the username
  • batch_size: Number of items to send to Neo4J at once using UNWIND queries.
    • Default value is 1000


  • host: DGraph host URL
    • For example, localhost:9080
  • batch_size: Number of nodes to submit at a time
    • Default value is 1000


  • api_key: The VirusTotal API Key to use for fetching data from virustotal
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