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Design Overview

Beagle's graph models are at the host level. Nodes are created for things like processes, files and network connections. Nodes are not currently created for interhost communications (i.e, there will not be a Computer -(RDP)-> Computer edge), but graphs from two different hosts can be overlapped using networkx.

Host artifacts are mapped to classes which implement the DataSource, which yield events one by one from the artifact.

Transformer classes take the events from the data source and transform them into Node objects.

Finally, Node objects are sent to the desired storage location via a choice of Backend class.


The following is an overview of supported datasources and backends.

Node Types

The following is a list of currently support Node Types

Node Type

Alert nodes represent alerts identified in the logs (if they are available). Including these nodes allows the web interface to drop analysts into the context of the alert as soon as they generate the graph.

URI nodes represent the URI of an HTTP request. For example, GET would result in the following nodes; Domain(, URI(/foo).

Edge Types

Edge Source Type Dest Type Description
Launched Process Process Process launching
URIOf URI Domain URI of a domain
ResolvesTo Domain IP Address Domain resolves to a domain
FileOf File Process The file which a process image belongs to
CopiedTo File File Edge representing a file was copied to another destination
Wrote Process File A process wrote to this file
Accessed Process File A process accessed/read from this file
Deleted Process File A process deleted this file
Copied Process File A process copied this file (the copied file will have a CopiedTo edge to the dest file)
Loaded Process File A process loaded a function from this file.
ConnectedTo Process IPAddress A process initiated a network connection to this address
HTTPRequestTo Process URI A process made a HTTP Request to this URI
DNSQueryFor Process Domain A process performed a DNS request for this domain.
ChangedValue Process RegistryKey A process changed the value of this registry key
CreatedKey Process RegistryKey A process created this registry key
ReadKey Process RegistryKey A process read the value of this registry key
DeletedValue Process RegistryKey A process deleted the value of this registry key
DeletedKey Process RegistryKey A process deleted this registry key
AlertedOn Process Node An alert was triggered on this node (destination can be any node type)

Data Sources

The following table lists all of the currently supported data sources. They all are automatically available in the web interface, or they can be imported from the beagle.datasource module.

DataSource Description
HXTriage FireEye HX triage files (.mans)
SysmonEVTX Sysmon event logs
GenericVTSandbox Virustotal v3 API sandbox logs
WinEVTX Windows event logs
GenericVTSandboxAPI Virustotal v3 API sandbox logs (accepts a hash rather
than file and pulls via the api if a key is available
WindowsMemory Raw windows memory images (Parsed using Rekall)
ProcmonCSV A procmon run file, exported to CSV
CuckooSandboxReport Cuckoo Sandbox Reports
FireEyeAXReport FireEye AX Reports


Transformers take the events provided by the above data sources and convert them into Node objects.

Each datasource has an array of supported transformer with at least one transformer defined, which can be accessed via the .transformers attribute. Choosing a transformer which is not marked by the data source as compatible will most likely lead to errors or incorrect output

Transformer Description
FireEyeHXTransformer A transformer meant for FireEye HX Triages
SysmonTransformer A transformer for SysMon logs
GenericTransformer A generic transformer for datasources which output events that leverage the fieldnames in beagle.constants.FieldNames
WinEVTXTransformer A transformer for windows event logs
ProcmonTransformer A transformer for procmon events
FireEyeAXTransformer A transformer for FireEye AX events


Backends are where the generated data will live.

Backend Description
NetworkX Runs on NetworkX, DiGraph object available via .G attributes
DGraph Sends data to a DGraph server
Neo4J Sends data to a Neo4J server
Graphistry Sends data to a Graphistry graph

Using the web interface will automatically use the NetworkX backend and make JSON versions of the graphs available via the web interface.

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