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Welcome to SICP Club. You can get the Wizard Book Here.


The goal of SICP club is to peer pressure everyone into reading SICP (aka the Wizard Book). From personal experience, this book has informed more of my day-to-day work as a software engineer than any other class or book.

It is aimed at anyone from new or wannabe programmers, experienced OOP developers, to expert level engineers wanting a refresher.

Each meeting will be seminar-style with no pre-ordained leaders. I'll write up outlines and solutions, we will collaborate on our shared learning through discussion of the week's material.


We'll be going through 1 chapter a week for 5 weeks. We can go to 6 weeks if need be as a buffer. Meetings will be Fridays at 4pm at RCHQ.

Outlines will be provided which overview what we're going to discuss the following meeting. They will be posted here weekly (Mondays). Solutions will be posted following weekly meetings.

The plan is to cover one chapter a week:

Week Meeting Material Outline Solutions
1 Feb 4 Ch. 1 Outline Solutions
2 Mar 7 Ch. 2 Outline Solutions
3 Mar 17 Ch. 3 Outline Solutions
4 Mar 24 Ch. 4 Outline Solutions
5 Unknown Ch. 5