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MyDoorOpener Arduino web server

This is the source code to the HTTP web server component for the MyDoorOpener iPhone application.

For more information, see


This software relies on the following 3rd party libraries:

  • AES-256 API, Copyright © 2007-2009, Ilya O. Levin

  • Time API, Copyright © 2009, Michael Margolis

What's new in this release?

See the CHANGELOG file for information on what's new.

You can follow if you want to be updated as we fix bugs and add new features.


This version of the MyDoorOpener sketch file has been tested with the following Arduino IDE / Arduino hardware board combinations:

  • Arduino IDE v1.06 + Arduino Xboard Relay board

  • Arduino IDE v1.06 + Arduino Ethernet board + DFRobot Relay Shield

Don't forget to copy all included library files to your Arduino IDE's libraries folder before trying to compile.

Before uploading the compiled sketch to your Arduino board, make sure you have selected the right board type from the Tools -> Board menu option, from within the Arduino IDE.

The distribution

Besides the MyDoorOpener INO file, there's a complete libraries tree included which holds the required libraries for the application to compile.


The server component for the MyDoorOpener application is licensed under the terms of the MIT License, see the included MIT-LICENSE file.