Twitter User Stream (a.k.a chirpstream) client written in PyGTK 2.0.
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* Audience
Active Twitter users prefereably using GNOME Desktop on Ubuntu 10.4.

* What's this?
This is a Twitter client mainly using not REST API but User Streams API.

As chirp-client is using User Streams, all activities by following users (i.e.
favorites, replies, retweets, direct messages, managing lists, adding new
folloing as well as tweets) are updated in real-time. It is realized by
continous HTTP connection (a stream), instead of polling for Twitter server.

* Development status
Prototype, pre-alpha or tech demo. Thus the author does not intend serious use.

* Screenshots
See wiki. 

* Target platform
Linux desktop (especially GNOME on Ubuntu 10.4).

* Prerequiestics
If you are using Ubuntu 10.4, chirp-client should run without prerequistics.

In case you want to run this program on other platforms, please check imports
in and install non-standard Python modules you don't have.

* How to run
$ python