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Use Puppeteer on Jenkins on Docker with Node.js and Jest.
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Jenkins Puppeteer Docker

At we use this to test the client/server communication between browser and Node.js.

Build and run the docker image

Add public Jenkins roles

Use the Role-based Authorization Strategy to manage it.

  • Navigate to the "Manage and Assign Roles" view
  • Add a new global role, "Public" for example
  • Add only the "Overall" "Read" permission, nothing else
  • Add a new Project Role with a relevant name and pattern that matches the job you want to filter for
  • Add the "Job" "Read" permission to the new Project Role
  • Navigate to the "Assign Roles" view
  • Add user/group "Anonymous" to global roles
  • Add Anonymous to the project role you created

Use a regex like geckos\.io[\w\/-]* to match the project name ( and its branches (



Add a cool badge like this


Code Coverage with cobertura


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