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Python Yandex.Money API SDK


  1. Python 2.7 or Python 3.x
  2. pip


  1. Yandex.Money API page: Ru, En

Getting started


  1. Install it with pip install yandex-money-sdk
  2. Paste from yandex_money.api import Wallet, ExternalPayment to your source code

Payments from the Yandex.Money wallet

Using Yandex.Money API requires following steps

  1. Obtain token URL and redirect user's browser to Yandex.Money service. Note: client_id, redirect_uri, client_secret are constants that you get, when register app in Yandex.Money API.

    scope = ['account-info', 'operation-history'] # etc..
    auth_url = Wallet.build_obtain_token_url(client_id,
        redirect_uri, scope)
  2. After that, user fills Yandex.Money HTML form and user is redirected back to REDIRECT_URI?code=CODE.

  3. You should immediately exchange CODE with ACCESS_TOKEN.

    access_token = Wallet.get_access_token(client_id, code, redirect_uri,
  4. Now you can use Yandex.Money API.

    account_info = api.account_info()
    balance = account_info['balance'] # and so on
    request_options = {
        "pattern_id": "p2p",
        "to": "410011161616877",
        "amount_due": "0.02",
        "comment": "test payment comment from yandex-money-python",
        "message": "test payment message from yandex-money-python",
        "label": "testPayment",
        "test_payment": true,
        "test_result": "success"
    request_result = api.request(request_options)
    # check status
    process_payment = api.process({
        "request_id": request_result['request_id'],
    # check result
    if process_payment['status'] == "success":
        # show success page
        # something went wrong

Payments from bank cards without authorization

  1. Fetch instantce-id(ussually only once for every client. You can store result in DB).

    response = ExternalPayment.get_instance_id(client_id)
    if reponse.status == "success":
        instance_id = response.instance_id;
        # throw exception with reponse->error message
  2. Make request payment

    # make instance
    external_payment = ExternalPayment(instance_id);
    payment_options = {
        # pattern_id, etc..
    response = external_payment.request(payment_options)
    if response.status == "success":
        request_id = response.request_id
        # throw exception with response->message
  3. Process the request with process-payment.

    process_options = {
        "request_id": request_id
        # other params..
    result = external_payment.process(process_options)
    # process result according to docs

Running tests

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Create tests/constants.python file with ACCESS_TOKEN and CLIENT_ID constants.
  3. Install tox
  4. Run tox in repo root directory