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Juseppe - Jenkins Update Site Embedded for Plugin Publishing

How to launch with help of docker

Run it with mounted plugins folder as volume. Remember to set JUSEPPE_BASE_URI env var

docker run --name juseppe -v /your/plugins/dir/:/juseppe/plugins/ -e JUSEPPE_BASE_URI= -p 80:8080 lanwen/juseppe

Then it will be available on http://dockerhost:80/update-center.json

Built-in self-signed certificate

Certificate can be copied from json in format:

{json value of signature.certificates[0] (without quotes)}

WARN! Certificate regenerates in every new docker image!

Specify own certificate

Mount as volumes private key and cert:

docker run --name juseppe -v /your/private/key:/juseppe/cert/uc.key -v /your/cert/file:/juseppe/cert/uc.crt ... lanwen/juseppe

Just generate json

docker run --rm ... lanwen/juseppe generate

Build new image

docker build -t juseppe:source .

Without docker

1. Checkout & Build

With maven just run mvn package, and you will find jar in target/juseppe.jar

2. Generate self-signed cert with private key

and point juseppe to use it with help of -Djuseppe.certificate=path/to/cert.crt and -Djuseppe.private.key=path/to/priv.key

openssl genrsa -out uc.key 2048 \
&& openssl req -nodes -x509 -new \
    -key uc.key \
    -out uc.crt \
    -days 1056 \
    -subj "/C=EN/ST=Update-Center/L=Juseppe/O=Juseppe"

3. Run help to see all available commands

java -jar juseppe.jar help

3.1 Generate new json

java -jar juseppe.jar generate

3.2 Serve json and plugins with help of jetty server

To run server with file watching in current directory (not the dir where jar located!)

java -jar juseppe.jar serve

3.3 Watch for changes automatically

Just add -w (or --watch) flag to update jsons on any plugin list changes

java -jar juseppe.jar -w serve or java -jar juseppe.jar -w generate

You can also change plugin dir location by specifying -p (or --plugins-directory) flag with location of directory where the plugins are

java -jar juseppe.jar -w -p /tmp/plugins serve

4. Configure

You can define system properties or environment vars to override default behaviour. Complete list of vars can be found after juseppe env command.

  • JUSEPPE_CERT_PATH (juseppe.certificate)
    path of certificate (must be used in pair with private key prop). Defaults to uc.crt

  • JUSEPPE_PRIVATE_KEY_PATH (juseppe.private.key)
    path of private key (must be used in pair with cert). Defaults to uc.key

  • JUSEPPE_PLUGINS_DIR (juseppe.plugins.dir)
    where the plugins are. Searches only *.hpi and *.jpi. Defaults to current working dir

  • JUSEPPE_SAVE_TO_DIR (juseppe.saveto.dir)
    where to save generated json file. Defaults to current working dir

    name of generated update center json file. Defaults to update-center.json

    name of generated release-history json file. Defaults to release-history.json

  • JUSEPPE_BASE_URI (juseppe.baseurl)
    url to prepend for plugins download link in json. Defaults to http://localhost:8080

    id of the update center. Must be unique inside of jenkins. Defaults to juseppe

  • JUSEPPE_BIND_PORT (juseppe.jetty.port)
    port for juseppe file server. Defaults to 8080

    hostname or address for juseppe file server. Defaults to localhost

  • JUSEPPE_RECURSIVE_WATCH ( watch for file changes recursively Defaults to true


java -jar -Djuseppe.saveto.dir=/tmp/update/ juseppe.jar -w serve or JUSEPPE_SAVE_TO_DIR=/tmp/update/ java -jar juseppe.jar -w serve

Properties are overridden in order: default value -> env vars -> system properties -> direct cli arguments

How to connect Jenkins

Site can be added with help of: